Staff & Credits

A little bit of information that gives you a behind the scenes look into Rachel McAdams Online.

Brief History

This fansite is the collaborative work of Rachel fans from across the globe. Rachel McAdams Online was founded by Audrey in June 2004 after the Mean Girls and The Notebook buzz and that makes us the longest running fansite since we still go strong as of today. Due to personal lives and other activities the site did change a lot from owners, including Kimberley, Samantha and Eric, after Audrey gave the site up for adoption but the site always stayed the largest and most reliable source miss McAdams.

Audrey returned fall 2009, but had to give up the site and the current owner took it over. After first focusing on getting the site back up-to-date and maintaining the site in the best way possible the site soon regained it’s old glory. In the spring of 2011, after celebrating the one year owner anniversary in October 2010, the content (including gallery and media archive) was completely revamped and up-to-date again. The main aim of the re-vamp was making the most complete and reliable source for Rachel but also to make RMO one. All the different owners left their own ‘trademarks’ as an owner, everyone has it’s own way to maintain a site after all.


There are many people to thank for making this website happen.

• First and foremost Rachel for being such a huge inspiration and a incredibly talented actress. Obviously without her this website would have never been made.
• Second, I have to thank Gertie for letting me have this domain and trusting me with it. It really means so much!
• Third of course would be Audrey this websites orginal owner for building this site. You did an amazing job I can only hope to do as well as you did.
• This website is powered by the WordPress script for the main site and the Coppermine Gallery script for our photo galleries. We also use WebDesign, Adobe Photoshop CS and Realplayer Downloader for the site.
• We would also like to credit Luciana, Frederik and Allison & Kaetlyn because we find inspiration in their fansites.
• We wanted to thank Iria for donating a lot of videos to our media archive.

If I have missed anyone I am sorry just email me and I will add/credit you.

Site Policies

The Rachel McAdams Staff is determined to providing reliable up-to-date news, images, and information on Rachel McAdams, with the main focus on her career, to fans who admire her film performances and/or (public) personality. We do not want to in vase Rachel’s personal privacy and respect her life outside of her work but since we want to be the most complete and reliable source for Rachel we do post the so called ‘candids’ of Rachel. She never stated she was bothered by them and they never inappropriately invaded her of privacy. We do however outweigh with every candid set if it’s not too much invasion of her personal life. If we decide it is, we keep the right to not post the candids. If Rachel or someone who represents her makes a statement of any negativity around the paparazzi or candid photos we will immediately stop posting them. Our focus and therefore our site policy is Rachel and her career.